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Time for a Wellness Check

Check on older loved ones during the holidays


This holiday season, check in on your elderly loved ones. Are they safe living on their own? Have you noticed cognitive decline?

If you are concerned about their well-being, follow these simple steps to perform a quick wellness check:

Give them a hug.

Share your love with a full embrace around their back, also feel for frail frames or prominent bones indicating a decline in weight. Clothes can hide a lot. Improper nutrition or a medical condition can contribute to weight loss.

Check the refrigerator.

Take a glance inside the refrigerator for expired food, lack of fresh vegetables or even something that's not supposed to be in there (television remote control?). Dehydration or lack of nutrition can affect health.

Review the mail.

When checking on aging parents, glance through the mail to ensure that bills are being paid in a timely manner. Also, look for scams that target seniors.

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