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Senior Safety Tips

Be Aware of Frauds & Scams


Seniors are more vulnerable to certain crimes, such as purse-snatching, mugging, and fraud. You can reduce your risk by being alert and reporting suspicious activity.

To avoid falling prey to scams, people need to be alert to any offer involving money or property that offers incredible dividends or a quick return on investment. Maintaining awareness about the most common and latest con games, especially online, is an important crime prevention technique.

The San Diego Sheriff Department has a helpful brochure to help prevent crimes against seniors. These helpful tips can keep seniors safe.

Crime Prevention & Safety Tips for Seniors

Be Aware of Frauds and Scams!

Scam Alert! From get rich quick schemes to false urgent calls from the "IRS," scams are all around. You can keep yourself aware of scams happening in your area.

AARP has a scam tracking map online. You can learn about reported scams in your area. Click on the link below.

AARP Scam Tracking Map

The United States Senate has a Special Committee on Aging which addresses issues affecting the elderly. Their website has a very informative Resource section that provides links to many organizations that can aid seniors.

Do you have questions about Financial Security? Have you been a victim of a scam, identity theft or fraud? Or do you just want those annoying solicitors to stop calling? Resources that address all of these areas can be found here:

Aging Seniors Resources