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November Town Hall Forum Presentations

Information presented at the Nov. 9 Town Hall Forum


The Town Hall Forum held on November 9 at the Scottish Rite Event Center in Mission Valley was a great success. With two great speakers and partnering organizations in attendance, a great deal of valuable information was presented.

Dr. Teja Singh spoke about Dementia Support, which included definitions of terms relating to impairments and what to expect at each stage. He also provided tips for the Caregiver stressing the need for support for the caregiver. You can view his entire presentation by clicking on the the link below.

Dementia Support - Teja Singh, MD

Dawn DeStefani had some practical advice for caregivers for establishing routines, avoiding Sundowning behavior and how caregivers care take care of themselves. In addition, she reviewed care options and talked about warning signs when more care is needed. Click below to see her entire presentation.

Practical Advice for Caregivers - Dawn DeStefani

We are thankful to our community partners who also provide resources for family caregivers. Should you need additional resources, you can access them online.

Glenner Alzheimer's Family Centers

Southern Caregiver Resource Center

Other Resources

Our website has presentations from previous Town Hall Forums that also might be helpful during your caregiving journey. You can access previous Town Hall Forum presentations here:

Previous Town Hall Forum Presentations

You can access other helpful resources here:

Should you have questions or need additional information, please contact an ActivCare community near you or call 888-636-5677 for a directory.