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Fun Idea For An Activity You and Your Loved One Can Do


Want a fun idea for an activity you and your loved one can do together?

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Here's a fun, easy-to-do project from Pinterest: Lollipop Ghosts

You'll need:

* Facial Tissues
* Round Lollipops (Tootsie Pops work great)
* Small rubber bands
* Thin black and orange ribbon
* Black Sharpie

Use an entire tissue and cut a quarter piece of a one tissue.

Layer a lollipop (in center), the quarter tissue (also in center) on top of the full tissue.

Squeeze around the base of the lollipop and cinch with a rubber band.

Tie ribbons in a bow to cover the rubber band. Add two eyes with your Sharpie, and, poof! you have a ghost.