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8 Steps to Taking Care of the Caregiver

Self-Care for Family Caregivers


To care for someone else, you have to be at your best. We have uncovered 8 helpful steps to ensure that, as a caregiver, you are at your peak.8 caregiver tips

We found this helpful article from the Family Caregivers Alliance which identifies the steps that each family caregiver can take and provides suggestions and an action plan to garner the most benefit.

The article recommends doing the following:

  1. Reducing Personal Stress - helpful suggestions for identifying stressors and taking action to resolve issues
  2. Setting Goals - provides actionable steps and suggestions
  3. Seeking Solutions - simple process to validate your decision making
  4. Communicating Constructively - guidelines for more effective communication
  5. Asking for and Accepting Help - tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed and how to enlist the support of others...who will appreciate the opportunity to assist
  6. Talking to the Physician - ideas to get the most out of your doctor's visits
  7. Starting to Exercise - understand the benefits of even the simplest activity program
  8. Learning from Our Emotions - be aware of your feelings and learn from them.

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