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Seasonal Memory Care Tips

Learn some easy ways to help your loved ones during the holidays


Memory ChecklistSeasonal traditions are great triggers to start reminiscing discussions. Talk about carving pumpkins, making costumes for the kids and trick-or-treating as a great way to relive the happy milestones that come around every year.

Never leave home without the Just-In-Case Bag. Carry an extra set of pants, underwear, socks and shoes. Incontinence can occur unexpectedly sometimes. Keep a bag with extra clothing items and briefs and wipes in the car, it may save a trip all the way back home.

Use a White board in different rooms in the house. In the kitchen or dining room keep the current day of the week and date displayed. In the bathroom keep the daily hygiene routine listed-bathing, teeth brushing, shave (men), deodorant, dress. Helps cue orientation and reminding of sequencing.

Label photos on the walls of loved ones with their names using a small labeling machine. This keeps names and faces connected for those with memory loss.

Label cupboards on the outside of the items most frequently used by the person with memory loss. Towels, food items, pens/paper. Make those items used most often easy to find without assistance.