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Animatronic Cats Bring Smiles

Residents Interact with Lifelike Cats


Recently, ActivCare communities introduced animatronic cats (from Hasbro) to the residents at their communities and the response was endearing.

These specialty cats react to petting by leaning towards the caress, meowing, purring and even rolling over. Ideal for residents who enjoy the calming nature of petting an animal without the worry of allergies or negative pet reaction, these new additions to the communities have made new friends.

As the cats are introduced, residents' eyes light up and smiles emerge on their faces. Resident comments such as, "Oh, that's cute!" and "It's wonderful," could be heard. Residents even hugged the new pets.

These new feline friends are part of a diverse activity program at the communities which feature visits with real animals, crafts, brain games, sensory activities and exercise programs. Keeping residents engaged is another way that ActivCare enhances life for those with memory loss.

For more information about the companion cats or to acquire your own, click here.