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Town Hall Forum Presentations are Online »

Town Hall Forum Presentations on February 23rd are now available

The presentations from the Town Hall Forum on February 23 entitled, “The Alzheimer’s Caregiving Journey: Practical Advise from Medical Experts” is now available.

Click on the link below to see the 5 Steps to Navigate Dementia presentation by John Geiss, DO.
Maintaining Quality Health & Wellness by John Geiss, DO

The below link will provide access to the presentation by Mike Frazier, MD about the different stages and what to expect.

Dementia Stages by Mike Frazier, MD
The Beers Criteria
of Medications that may not be appropriate for older adults was mentioned. You can access that complete list via the above link.

We are thankful to the other community resources that provided complimentary information for the family caregivers. Should you need additional resources, you can access them online.

Family Caregiver Resource Center

Alzheimer’s Orange County


Other Resources

You can access previous Town Hall Forum presentations here:

Previous Town Hall Forum Presentations

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